est. 1964


It all started when...

Prospect Enrichment Preschool was founded in 1964 by Prospect Congregational Church and the Seattle Public Schools as a non-sectarian program to provide a multi-ethnic preschool education for children from low income families. 
Children from age three to five are given the opportunity for a two year educational preschool program. The school is located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Each year scholarships are provided for 90-95% of the children enrolled in the preschool.

In 1983, the preschool became a non-profit 501(C)(3) tax deductible corporation. In 1999 the preschool was recognized as a Washington State ECEAP (Early Childhood Education Assistance Program). Funding by private, public and faith based support sustains the mission of the preschool.

Our Philosophy 

Prospect Enrichment Preschool is designed to help each child acquire the skills and confidence that will promote their optimal development. The preschool is based upon the educational philosophy of respect for the individual child, their ability to grow and develop inner controls, their ability to think and play creatively and their ability to discover and use their own resources.