What Teachers and Parents are saying about Prospect!

"The children from Prospect SHINE in their ability to focus on a task and the ability to work well and share with their peers!"
- Glory Wilson, Kindergarten Teacher at Stevens Elementary
"My son loves school and is seemingly getting closer to kindergarten readiness."
- 2015 Parent
"My daughter feels so welcomed with both her teachers and friends."
- 2016 Parent
"I love this place for my grand kids!"
- 2018 Guardian
"Prospect Preschool is an outstanding community of faculty and family members who are dedicated to the children's well being and their family's education process." 
- 2018 Parent
“Over the last two years, you have embraced, nurtured, loved, transitioned and kept my child and family stable by giving him a place for a few hours each day to call home and feel safe, warm and welcomed... Thank you from my family, for renewing my belief in good people.”
- 2015 Parent
"My child is excited about learning"
- 2016 Parent

"Prospect Enrichment Preschool is a solid foundation."
- 2017 Parent

"Prospect preschool has been an excellent experience for my son. He is more engaged in learning and excited about school, every week."
- 2018 Parent